Book Recommendation

Bible surveys are handy resources. A quality Bible survey will tell you what you need to know about each book found in Scripture. Surveys give you what you need so you can better understand and apply God's Word.

Rodger Crooks has put together a excellent survey of all sixty-six books of the Bible. He helps readers know not only what individual books of the Bible are about, but also how all of the Bible fits together in One Lord, One Plan, One People: A Journey Through the Bible From Genesis to Revelation. Crooks looks at each book of the Bible and in just a few pages helps us understand the author's historical setting and the message and major themes of each book. 

This resource will prove useful for a lot of people. Fathers could use this book in family worship to teach their families about different books of the Bible. Every Christian could use a primer on the essential message of each book of the Bible; this book provides that. Younger Christians could read this book to grow in their knowledge of Scripture and see how all of the Bible points to Jesus. For Christians afraid of venturing into their Old Testaments, this book will encourage them to profit from reading all of God's Word, not just the Gospels and New Testament epistles! I would also give this book to an unbeliever who wants to understand what the Bible is about. The author's conviction is that Jesus Christ is the central theme of all of the Bible. Each chapter connects each book of the Bible with God's plan to save a people for himself through Christ. 

I've been looking for a good Bible survey for a while. I found what I was looking for with Rodger Crook's book. 

One Lord, One Plan, One People: A Journey Through the Bible From Genesis to Revelation