About Trinity 


By God's grace, Trinity is a church in Johnstown, PA holding fast to the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints. Trinity is centered on the worship of God and bearing witness to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Striving to be faithful to Christ we aim to be: 

1. Bible-centered: We are committed to the whole Bible as the inspired and inerrant revelation of God to man. God's Word is sufficient for all of faith and life. We see the centrality of Scripture in teaching and preaching as an essential component of the Christian life. 

2. Reformed: Trinity is committed to the Reformed faith and is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). The Reformed faith is summarized by the Westminster Confession of Faith

3. Faithful to the Great Commission: Trinity is committed to discipleship. As a church, we want to make and train disciples of the Lord Jesus, and we are serious about supporting the work of making disciples abroad.  

4. Committed to fellowship: We desire to be what God calls us as a church: a family. We believe happy, wholesome fellowship is a rich blessing for God's people. We see growth and progress in the Christian life intimately connected with active involvement with the loving community of believers of which we are a part.